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Accelerate Sales Growth

  • Inventory sales strengths and opportunities
  • Target the right development plan
  • Motivate your team to achieve results

Resource PI offers a unique combination of sales training programs and sales assessment services that let you take control of sales performance on an individual, group or total company level.

The Predictive Index® provides your sales managers with the motivational and behavioral insights they need to support, guide and coach their people—and to ensure that their new skills are being applied to improve day-to-day performance, and long-term success.

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Our Selling Skills Assessment Tool (SSAT) provides accurate statistical data that reflects your organization structure, and lets you see exactly where you are today—individual, team and company-wide strengths and areas for growth.

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Customer-Focused Selling™ delivers the training your team needs to perform at the highest level. Based on the information we learn in the SSAT, together with an understanding of your specific goals, we're able to target a development program to produce the immediate improvement you're looking for.

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