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Recruit and Retain Quality Employees

  • Understand the key success factors for each position
  • Identify the best candidates
  • Position them for success

Selecting the right person

When you know PIPI®, you can build an organization of successful individuals, one decision at a time. With PI®, before any selection decision is made, a thorough job analysis should be done to define clearly the responsibilities, expectations, behaviors and skills required. PI® should always be used in conjunction with the rest of the hiring process, interviewing, resume screening and reference checking.

You can absolutely improve your "batting average" in making hiring decisions by adding the powerful, objective insights obtained from the PIPI®.

Retain valuable employees

Retaining talented, motivated employees is vital to the success of your firm. What often distinguishes outstanding companies is the quality of employees throughout the organization. Hiring smart will help, but managing smart is even more important because it reduces the cost of turnover and productivity losses.

Knowing PIPI® can help you retain people by improving the fit between the person and the position when you are hiring them; and by helping your managers develop management strategies that will motivate employees more effectively.

  • Define job requirements
  • Develop a roadmap for the behaviors and drives required for top performance in a job
  • Understand key factors for success in your organization
  • Provide a source of insightful, probing interview questions
  • Improve employee job fit when hiring
  • Improve motivation by coaching to a person's strengths
  • Develop career paths which reflect behaviors required for top performance

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