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Maximize Productivity

  • Understand the drives of each individual
  • Use this insight to develop communication strategies
  • Improve productivity, customer satisfaction and profit

Develop your people

PIPI® gives you and your managers accurate, reliable information about their employees' motivating drives, behaviors and operating styles as well as the tools to bring about positive changes in workplace behavior.

Deal effectively with conflict

Differences and disagreements are a natural by-product of working together. But when a disagreement becomes a conflict, it results in a waste of energy by the parties and a decrease in performance of the team. PIPI® gives you an understanding of the competing drives which may be causing the conflict as well as a design for approaching and resolving the problem.

Motivate your people

PIPI® gives you specific insights into how people are motivated, how they perceive the demands of the environment, the kinds of work which invigorates them, and how to tap into their drives to achieve maximum results by allowing them to fulfill their needs.

  • Helps managers understand the way people work
  • Deal effectively with conflict
  • Learn how to motivate your people effectively
  • Identify behaviors key to success in various jobs
  • Raise the "performance bar" for key positions
  • Target your communication to meet the needs of your employees
  • Develop your people more effectively
  • Become a better coach

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