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Build Resilient Management Teams

  • Define the team's mission
  • Assemble and align the right team
  • Maximize team members' strengths

Good communication, effective leadership and common purpose help teams achieve high levels of performance consistently. When you have attended the PI® Management Workshop, you will understand the objective information PI® provides about motivating needs and styles of team members. You will be able to maximize team members' strengths to achieve top performance. This information will provide you with specific training, coaching and leadership building strategies to optimize your team's achievements.

  • Assemble a team which is resilient, cohesive, responsive and adaptable
  • Align a team properly with its goals and stage of the organization (startup vs. mature)
  • Understand how team members work together productively
  • Identify the different motivating needs and styles of team members and their effect on:
    • Communicating and sharing information
    • Decision making
    • Consensus building
    • Dividing the workload
    • Setting priorities
    • Risk taking
    • Problem solving
    • Action taking
    • Connecting with each other
  • Identify team strengths and challenges
  • Inventory the chemistry and potential conflicts within your team
  • Coach team members to more effectively manage team and cross-functional relationships
  • Understand the role of your leadership style on the dynamics of the team

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