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Develop High Potential Leaders

  • Understand where you are going
  • Know who can get you there
  • Develop them for success

Your organization needs top leaders who:

  • Share a common mission and vision
  • Communicate that vision effectively
  • Are willing to takes risks and accept accountability
  • Build teams at all levels
  • Identify and mentor future leaders

Predictive Index® gives you accurate, reliable, information about all of your potential leaders' motivating drives, behaviors and operating styles as well as the tools they need to bring about positive, productive changes in workplace behavior. Some of the solutions you will master when you have attended the PI® Management Workshop include:

  • Identify and develop high-potential leaders capable of growing and maintaining your business in a changing environment
  • Objectively and accurately find high potential candidates
  • Develop coaching strategies to align their drives with your expectations and needs
  • Define what kind of leaders you need based on the organization's stage of growth; e.g., start-up, rapid growth or maturity
  • Understand the difference between managing a task and leading people

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