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Predictive Index Management Workshop

In the customized, highly interactive PI Management Workshop, we will show you and your management team how to use the Predictive Index®, how to interpret the results and how to apply what you've learned. You'll quickly become skilled at working with all the elements of the Predictive Index® — and you'll gain insight into the many ways you can use these versatile tools to improve the performance of your business.

The Predictive Index Management Workshop is not just a one-time event, but the beginning of a new way of managing more effectively — one that will have an immediate and profound impact on virtually every aspect of your business. It will equip you and your management team to make better people decisions that result in a more productive workplace and a more profitable bottom line.

In the Predictive Index Management Workshop, you will use the PI® tools you learn to:

- Identify and develop leaders

- Build resilient, cohesive teams

- Plan strategy for future growth

- Recruit and retain quality employees

- Maximize productivity

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