Client Testimonials


Prior to working with Resource PI, our hiring success rate was only 50%, meaning after a year or two, one out of two new employees was not the optimal one for the position. Since we started working with Resource PI, we have gone from 50% success rate to 85-90% hiring success rate, not because we suddenly got smarter, but because we started using the PI® tools.

One of the things about the PI® that we really like is the ability to define and understand the nature of each position through one of the PI® tools called the PRO. When all of our managers are on the same page about what the job entails, the person we hire has a greater chance of succeeding. Regardless of the nature of the job, we just need to make sure there is a match between the person and the role, and PI® helps us do that to a “T”.

When we first were considering PI®, I have to admit that I was doubtful. We were about to hire a person for an important position whom we liked and thought would succeed. Our PI® consultant advised us that there were several areas of specific concern about this applicant. Well, we said, thank you very much for informing us; now we know so we can manage it. A year later, when we let the person go for exactly the issues highlighted, after having wasted a year’s salary and lost perhaps $500,000 in contracts, we implemented PI® and have not looked back.

The biggest impact of using PI® has been to align our people with the work we ask them to do so that they are happy and motivated with the jobs they are doing. With PI®, we understand what drives each of our people so that they can be successful.

David Gibson
President & CEO
X-Ray Optical Systems

When using PI® during the selection process, it gives us information about what the ideal candidate will look like for any given job, and helps us dig deeper about an applicant than we would ever be able to do without the PI®. PI® gives us the ability to see beyond the resume, to see beyond the interview process, to give us insights you couldn’t get by any other means.

PI® gives us a competitive advantage in how we staff and build the very best human capital within our organization. All of our executive team has been trained in the principles of the PI®. Giving the team the knowledge that comes with PI® has allowed us to become and organization which truly “walks the talk” about the importance of human capital. By knowing who your people are, you can better understand them and plan how to work successfully with them.

When a person is struggling, one of the first things we look at is the PI® to help us understand what is happening. When we ignore the PI®, and let our emotions get in the way, especially when we are trying to promote and develop from within, we can sometimes talk ourselves into a decision. And when the person struggles in the new job, we go back and look at the PI® and find that the answer was right in front of us.

Paul Burton
Vice President of Operations
Ducommun Aerospace – New York

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